About Us

Divine Science believes in the unity of all life, the transcendent and immanent nature of God and the Truth, wherever it is found:  in art, science or religion.  The Divine Science Statement of Being reflects our belief and expresses the Truth we come to know.

Divine Science is a teaching centered on the principle:  GOD IS ALL.  Omnipresence is the belief that one Presence fills All, and it is Good.  This One Presence includes Love, Wisdom, Power and Substance and there is no opposite or other than this Omnipresence.

Belief in Omnipresence

God is ALL, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, Knowledge and Power.
God is Spirit, Mind, First Cause, Father,
Mother, Principle, Source of All.
God is Life, the very Life and Substance of our Universe
God, and God in Action, is all there really is.

God is everywhere.  Therefore, God is here.
What God is is everywhere, therefore, what God is is here.
Health, Joy, Love, Wisdom, Supply and Power are here.
Whatever God is is here.
This Realization is my Certainty of Good.