Brief History of Divine Science

Divine Science was founded in 1887 by Nona Brooks, Aletha Brooks and Fannie Brooks James.  Early in their practice of the Omnipresence of God principle, they were acquainted with Malinda Cramer, a San Francisco resident.  She was working along the same lines of Truth, and their association with her brought together two closely related streams of thought. In 1898 the Divine Science College in Denver was incorporated to train teachers and practitioners, organize churches and ordain ministers.

Noted New Thought leader of the day Emma Curtis Hopkins and Phineas Parkhurst Quimby were both direct influences.  Nona Brooks was introduced to Hopkins’s teachings through a student of Hopkins in Pueblo, Colorado, Kate Bingham. Kate lived in Pueblo and was the wife of Frank Bingham, a noted rancher.  The women began to have weekly meetings at 318 W. 9th Street in Pueblo, the winter home of the family who owned the Hopkins-Bingham ranch.

After the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 and the death of Malinda Cramer, the headquarters moved back to Colorado, establishing its headquarters in Denver, later to move the base of its operations to Pueblo.

After its foundation in 1888, by 1918 there were Divine Science churches in Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Oakland, Boston, Portland, Spokane Saint Louis and New York.  By 1925 churches had opened in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Topeka, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Illinois and Iowa.  Today, Divine Science has churches in Denver (the founding church), Washington D.C., St. Louis, MO, Roanoke, VA, Pueblo, CO, San Jose, CA, Weston, VT and other locations, including international cities such as East Sussex, UK and Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Many New Thought leaders have been associated with Divine Science, including Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, founders of Unity Church, who lived in Pueblo, Colorado, and Ernest and Fenwicke Holmes both of whom were ordained Divine Science ministers, who would go on to found Religious Science and also lived in Pueblo, Colorado.  Emmet Fox was also a Divine Science Minister.