Divine Science Classes

The Life-Changing Foundation of Divine Science

Basic Principles of Divine Science

This class is open to everyone. It is during this class that the student’s faith is awakened to the ever-available Presence within them. Practical Instructions in the application of the teaching is given from the very beginning. This class is offered two times during the church year.

Tuesday Evenings – 12 Weeks, February 5, 2018 – April 23, 2018
Tuition: $10 per class, $100 if all 12 classes are paid in advance​​


Principal Course of Study

The 6 principal courses are:

1. Basic Principles of Divine Science
There is no prerequisite to this class. It is open to all.

This class is a prerequisite for the other five classes in the Principal Course of Study. It is the foundation on which all other classes are built. 

It explores the extraordinary implications of a belief in the Omnipresence of God; God everywhere, in everyone. It teaches a way of life that reveals, through personal experience, your God-given inner powers and spiritual destiny.

2. Spiritual Psychology
Prerequisite – Basic Principles of Divine Science.

An examination of the relationship between human and Divine Mind. The class examines the relationship between physical, mental and Spiritual aspects of life and the unfoldment process as we progress our understanding of Truth. We look at the ‘right use’ of mind in attracting abundance in all forms, and achieving inner serenity and spiritual growth.

3. Meditation
Prerequisite – Basic Principles of Divine Science

Quieting the mind, focusing the attention, listening to God and being acutely aware of His Living Presence within us is the focus of these lessons.

4. Bible Meaning – Hebrew Scriptures (“Old Testament”)
Prerequisite – Basic Principles of Divine Science

In this study of the Hebrew Scriptures – historically, symbolically, and metaphysically – the student sees a clear picture of humanity’s growing understanding of the nature of God – the story of every Soul’s spiritual unfoldment.

5. Bible Meaning – Christian Scriptures (“New Testament”)
Prerequisite – Basic Principles of Divine Science & Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning Old testament

The focus of these lessons is an in-depth study of the inner meaning of the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, a Master of Life and our Wayshower and Teacher, and places emphasis on the realization of the Spiritual nature of humanity.

6. Higher Training and Consecration
Prerequisite – All of the 5 preceding basic classes.

This deeper study emphasizes Oneness – the Perfect Love, Wisdom and Abundance of God, present in us, expressing through us, as us.


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