Effective Prayer

with Carol Buxton

“…we should bear in mind that the prayers which are effective—no matter whose prayers they may be—are effective because they embody certain universal principles which, when understood, can be consciously used.”

~Ernest Holmes,
Divine Science Minister,
Founder of Religious Science


“Religion must be dependable; it must “work”; it must have an absolute, unchanging principle with laws that can be proved under every circumstance and by which we can learn to solve the problems of life and produce correct and harmonious results.”

~Nona Brooks,
Co-Founder of Divine Science


“The laws of prayer require a spiritually developed mind to give them full expression; hence not all persons are at once competent to cover the whole range of mental and spiritual activity requisite to the unfailing demonstration of prayer.”

~Charles Fillmore,
Co-Founder of Unity

Is one way of praying more effective than another?

Why do some prayers seem to be readily answered and other prayers, well, not so much?

Is there something operating in your own mind, below your level of awareness, that actually dampens the effectiveness of your prayers?

Is it possible to uncover and neutralize these hidden mental blocks to answered prayer?

Throughout New Thought history, many dedicated spiritual leaders, teachers, ministers and practitioners have striven to understanding certain universal spiritual principles that lead directly to the conditions we experience in our lives. While these principles are always active, New Thought teaches they can be intentionally directed, and that this is what has been called prayer throughout the ages.

But, as with all fixed principles, some methods of using them are simply more effective than others. A toddler learning to walk is gradually discovering what ways of working with gravity – a fixed principle in physics – are more effective than others. So it is with the spiritual principle of prayer, which is really nothing more than intentionally directing the thoughts, beliefs and expectations that influence everything in our lives.

Learn a powerful step-by-step method to sharpen the focus of your own innate creative mind to achieve greater levels of success, happiness and well-being in your life – and in the lives of others. 

About Carol Buxton

Carol has been a Religious Science Practitioner for more than thirty years and has a Masters degree in Human Development. Throughout the years, she has completed many trainings to add new tools in support of my Practitioner work with clients.

Carol’s goal has been to learn what makes life work on the human level, as well as the spiritual level. Applying the principles she’s embodied along the way, she has created a happy and fulfilling life. For more than thirty years, Carol has enthusiastically shared these tools with her Practitioner clients and those who attend her classes and workshops in order to help them fulfill their dreams and goals, too.

“I create a loving, supportive, and fun atmosphere in sessions with my practitioner clients. My goal is to help people reveal the wonder that they were created to be and to live a fulfilling life.”

~Carol Buxton