God is the One Mind, the Source of everything.
All things have their origin in this One Mind.
Mind has idea.
Mind’s action is thinking.
Thinking brings the idea into the visible, or “the Word made  flesh”.
It is law that like produces like.

Omnipresence – the One All, the All One
God is Spirit Omnipresent:  the One Perfect Mind.
Mind is Intelligence – Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding –
evidenced everywhere in Purpose, Law and Order of the Universe.
This Spirit, Mind, God – The Omnipresence – is Perfect Substance.
Life is the activity of Omnipresence.
Love – Conscious Unity – is the nature of Omnipresence, hence the Rule or Law of Action.
There is but One Presence and Power in all the Universe, the Good Omnipotent.
Life, Intelligence and Substance not only fills All, but is All there is, visible and invisible.
Spirit is the Substance of all form.  It is the Only Substance.  The One Perfect Mind and It manifests as all there is.
Humanity is the expression of God.  We are in God, of God and like God.  “That which is born of Spirit is Spirit.”  Humanity is therefore the expression of God-Life, God-Intelligence and God-Substance.
The realization, or consciousness of God’s Presence, alone heals.  Healing is the awakening of the mentality from a belief in sin and disease to a knowledge of the Truth.