We Believe

Divine Science defines itself as “an organized teaching pertaining to God and the manifestation of God in Creation.”  It holds that its foundation truth is “that limitless Being, God, is Good, is equally present everywhere and is the All of everything.” It defines God as “pure Spirit, absolute, changeless, eternal, manifesting in and as all Creation, yet also transcending Creation” and that evil is therefore neither necessary nor permanent and has no reality within itself, but has existence only so long as human beings support it by believing in it.

Divine Science considers healing very important and emulates the work of Jesus Christ, who in the New Testament cures many.  The Denver Church’s founder, Nona Brooks, stated, “The whole of Divine Science is the practice of the Presence of God.  Truth comes through the Bible, Affirmative prayer, contemplation and meditation and the practice of the presence of God here and now.”

Personal Empowerment

Divine Science teaches that allness of Spirit is forever present in mind and we are only limited by our ability to recognize this present source of Good.  As we become aware of this truth we gradually begin to let go of the limitations we have placed on ourselves and others.  We release our attachment to the world of things, thus eliminating stress and worry from our lives.  We discover a depth within ourselves never before realized, which is capable of bringing to us all we need or desire.

Divine Science believes this is what Jesus meant when he said “I came that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”  The world perceived only through our senses appears dualistic, a multiplicity of things and ideas constantly changing in appearance, in quantity and quality.  But the inner depth of Being is conceived as the one and only constant, eternal Source of All.

At Divine Science Church in Pueblo you will discover that God is present in your life right now!