What Would Love Do?

Ascending From Your Heart into the Mystery of Your Soul

9am – 11:30am



Join Ardyce West for another empowering, uniquely creative, interactive FREE workshop!

Briefly review highlights from her workshop, “You Are the Sacred Way.” Then ascend to new heights as we journey to greater depths of consciousness and Self-empowerment.

 Leave this workshop with enlightened, life-giving takeaways to masterfully navigate and enhance your life, all with the grace and ease of Love and Awareness.

In This Workshop


Instead of taking yet another self-help course on how to be better at who you are in this competitive world, what if you were to come home to yourself, in full residency of who you have always been?

By consciously creating your own private sanctuary – your sacred temple within the heart-centered alignment of your own universe – naturally and effortlessly, you will radiate Love and Awareness as a positive force in the world, through your personal sovereignty.

Once you create your personal sanctuary, you will become fully empowered and aligned, but if for some reason, you feel anxious or have concern about anything, within seconds you can effortlessly return to your sanctuary of personal empowerment, where you can choose life-giving ways to exhibit the love you are, through ease, grace, and tranquility.

From your heart’s center, ascend into the mystery as you embody the magnificence of your soul’s timeless wisdom…


Again, we will deeply embody the thirteen attributes of Love and Awareness.
You will create a sacred inner temple – your personal sanctuary – enabling self-restoration and renewal, while bringing you into alignment with the Divine in every aspect of your life.

As we mindfully remember who we truly are,
we naturally become the vibration of Love and Awareness of the Absolute.

Ascend into Peace and Harmony,
as we honor ourselves to the zenith of heart-filled Compassion. In this, we will release attachments to human conditioning just by raising our vibration to the simplicity and power of Love’s presence.

 Soar into the timeless truth of our Being,
effortlessly raising our intuitive sense with Grace and ease, and to that of Health and wholeness.

Journey onward
with the timeless wisdom of the soul’s natural radiance of Joy.

Raise yourself into your natural Beauty and Oneness
through joyful sharing, writing practices, spiritual ritual, and a powerful guided meditation.

Voyage into the here and now of Order and Balance,
where nothing is out of place, all is on purpose, and filled with Abundance. Utilize these simple, powerful truths as we remember who we are from our soul’s memory.

Live by the goose bumps,
for the quickening resonance of Truth,
intuitively informs us of our alignment with the Divine.

Attune your vibratory frequency
through entrainment into transcendence – where transformation naturally occurs.

Feel energetically enhanced as we remember the spiritual essence of who we came here to be, lovingly in service to ourselves and to others while being fully empowered in our daily walk.

Leave this workshop remembering again that you are an individual emanation of the Divine, for

What Would Love Do?

Join us and bring a friend. The workshop is FREE!

Afterwards, Ardyce will be available to sign books

Questions? Call Ardyce West – 720-309-4839

Ardyce’s writing inspires and intrigues. It helps me remember that I am a cosmic, creative, loving and generative being with immense spiritual power available to tap into at any moment. She weaves profound universal and spiritual truths into unique, compelling and entertaining stories and characters that span generations and lifetimes. She has indeed created her own unique genre that inspires, uplifts and entertains!

-Kumar Dandavati
Dandavati Group


Ardyce West brings forth a new voice to the mysteries of life and the hereafter with a rare gift of storytelling and keen insight for the common person traversing the wonders of this earthly existence.

-Publisher at KCLonewolf

115 E Routt Ave, Pueblo, CO 81004



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