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Ancient Wisdom Timeless Principles

Dedicated to a sacred teaching that proclaims a loving and universal God, whose healing presence is always right where we are. We honor all spiritual walks that do not judge others or declare there is only one right way to experience the Divine.

No Sunday Service until further notice



Tentative Date of PDSC’s Commencement of Sunday Services:   June 28, 2020


Stay tuned for further information; the Board will follow Colorado/Pueblo Health Department Directives regarding this issue.

A Memorial Service will be held in the Sanctuary to honor individual and community losses; the date will be determined by our compliance with Colorado rulings.  The Sharing Format will entail audience participation regarding specific individuals.


The format for our Opening Service on June 28 will include:

   1) An opening Meditation Service including a musical presentation,

   2) An opening of the floor for a roundtable discussion of the sharing of personal experiences during this unusual time, and closing of the service with music,

   3) Lunch (It’s Pot Luck Sunday).


***   PDSC Office will reopen from 10: to 2: Tuesday through Friday beginning Tuesday, May 26, 2020.

Office number 719 -543- 0812, PDSC Annex, corner of Routt & Broadway.



Reverend Doctor Elizabeth Morgan (Betsy Morgan)


Sticks and Stones


            In New Thought disciplines, such as Divine Science, we focus on “words” a great deal.  The old saw “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will destroy me completely.” is a homespun summation of our mental/spiritual understanding and practice.

            Affirmative prayer entails positive assertions reminding our conscious mind of the Truth of our Being.  Statements, such as    “I am a Divine Idea in the Mind of the Infinite.”, or “Love and Truth expresses in and through and as me”, or perhaps “God is, I am, and All is well.”


All demonstrate constructive spiritual practice and changes our experiences in our personal outer reality.

            Our daily News conveyers bring to our conscious awareness not only the Covid 19 pandemic‘s status, but also demonstrations of Homo sapiens’ inhumanity to their fellow human beings.  In this critical time, we have been reminded of the benevolence and the cruelty of us.  Fear can bring out the insecurities of individuals that prompt some to strike out, demonstrating hatefully.  Corporate panic can be a convenient opportunity to act out one’s deepest hurts along destructive avenues.

            Individually, we can control our thinking and our demonstrations, which have the power to lift and heal—not only ourselves but humanity as a whole.  Do not discount the Power and Range of Positive Thinking.  What is true of us individually is true for our fellow human beings.  Am I sharing fear, hopelessness, or am I dwelling on the beautiful, loving acts of tenderness and demonstrations of supportive giving? 


            At the personal level, we demonstrate our negative focus in statements such as:

                        “My hip is killing me”, “That situation is driving me to drink”, “He will be the death of me yet!”, “That kid is the devil personified.”, “How can just one more root beer float hurt?”, or “They’ll be down downfall of the neighborhood!”.  These quick pronouncements trip off the tongue without conscious thought, but the neurobiologists tell us our brain is registering our focus, and we demonstrate, experience according to our tightly held beliefs. 


            Divine Science philosophy stresses Oneness of being.  When I damn by neighbor, I am damning myself.  Affirmations of Truth bless and benefit All involved, the recipient as well as the instigator.  This is a time of great change; it can destroy or bless, and we individually can determine our fate.  The troubling issue is that often the instigation of our personal situation was established long in the past; as well as, being developed by us unaware of the long term effects.


            Healing come of forgiveness and affirming Truth.  Totally at our discretion today.  Try this for starters: “I Am a Child of the Divine, with all of Its Inheritance.  I Am Love expressing and receiving. I AM Truth in action.  I Am Wholeness demonstrating.  I Am, God is, and all is Well.

Betsy Morgan

Building Community

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Our Mission

Elevating spiritual consciousness through education, prayer, meditation and compassionate service – in our center, our community and beyond; empowered by love and ever conscious of our Oneness in God.

What Is


The teaching of Divine Science is just as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when the founders had their realization of the Omnipresence of God and healing. It is a practical teaching that can be practiced and applied to everyday living to improve our relationship with God within our self, with others, and in the world around us.


Is Divine Science Christian?

Yes, but not in the way you might be used to. We believe Jesus was an extraordinary example of what we can all achieve, as he himself taught. But we do not believe he was sacrificed for our sins, or that he was “God’s only son”. We are all God’s children.

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Education is the first goal of our mission. We believe that the first step to living a spiritually fulfilled life is understanding spiritual principles, and how they help us get from where we are to where we want to be. Through our liberating classes and workshops, you can follow a proven path to spiritual freedom and happiness.

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