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Ancient Wisdom Timeless Principles

Dedicated to a sacred teaching that proclaims a loving and universal God, whose healing presence is always right where we are. We honor all spiritual walks that do not judge others or declare there is only one right way to experience the Divine.



Meditation 10:30am


“Divine Conversation

Rev Shaun Furlong

Basics of Divine Science – Week 3 of 4

Can we converse with God? We all know we can pray, and we know that’s how we talk “to” God. But without an answer, there is no real conversation. We can transmit, but how then do we receive, so our communication is a two-way street? Of course we can make requests through prayer, but what if the Divine has some important guidance to offer? Shouldn’t we be listening? A Divine conversation is not only possible, it’s the key to living a successful and satisfying life. It’s not particularly hard to do, but, as with everything, knowing how makes all the difference.


Wednesday, January 23

5:30pm – 8:30pm

Revisiting Christian scripture through new historical interpretations and recent archeological discoveries, we will get to see his sayings, parables and proclamations in a new light, and what powerful guidance they offer us to live more conscious lives of peace, love and deep unity.

Saturday, January 27

9:00am – 11:30am

Join Ardyce West for another empowering, uniquely creative, interactive FREE workshop!
Briefly review highlights from her workshop, You Are the Sacred Way. Then ascend to new heights as we journey to greater depths of consciousness and Self-empowerment.


Starts January 20, 2019

Five Sundays – 9:30am – 10:30am
(Jan 20, Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 10, Feb 17)
(Prior to Meditation Time)

This class is an overview of meditation and an invitation to encourage the practice of New Thought. Together we are going to consider the values and methods of this ancient art to contemporary life.

Starts February 5, 2019

12 Weeks, February 5-April 23
Tuesday Evenings, 7-8:30pm

This class is open to everyone. It is during this class that the student’s faith is awakened to the ever-available Presence within them. Practical Instructions in the application of the teaching is given from the very beginning. This class is offered two times during the church year.

Building Community

Open. Inclusive. Diverse.

Our Mission

Elevating spiritual consciousness through education, prayer, meditation and compassionate service – in our church, our community and beyond; empowered by love and ever conscious of our Oneness in God.

What Is


The teaching of Divine Science is just as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when the founders had their realization of the Omnipresence of God and healing. It is a practical teaching that can be practiced and applied to everyday living to improve our relationship with God within our self, with others, and in the world around us.

Is Divine Science Christian?

Yes, but not in the way you might be used to. We believe Jesus was an extraordinary example of what we can all achieve, as he himself taught. But we do not believe he was sacrificed for our sins, or that he was “God’s only son”. We are all God’s children.

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Education is the first goal of our mission. We believe that the first step to living a spiritually fulfilled life is understanding spiritual principles, and how they help us get from where we are to where we want to be. Through our liberating classes and workshops, you can follow a proven path to spiritual freedom and happiness.

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