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Ancient Wisdom Timeless Principles

Dedicated to a sacred teaching that proclaims a loving and universal God, whose healing presence is always right where we are. We honor all spiritual walks that do not judge others or declare there is only one right way to experience the Divine.

Come join us on Sunday Mornings at 11: AM—Pueblo Divine Science Church is OPEN.
The Rev. Dr. Betsy Morgan is presenting.


*We are implementing Social Distancing: Participants will find bows on the pew backs, marking appropriate seating arrangements.
            *Thank you for wearing your masks.
            *Sunday Bulletins may be picked up inside the Foyer.
            *A Hand-cleansing Station is available in the Foyer.
            *The Sanctuary is open.  Please use the Front Doors on Routt.
            *Sadly, no Socializing in the Fellowship Hall after the Service, our usual practice, will be held until further notice.


An evening Memorial Service will be held in the Sanctuary to honor individual and community losses.  A Sharing Format will entail audience participation regarding specific individuals.
Watch for the date.


***   PDSC Office is open from 10: to 2: Tuesday through Friday.  719 -543- 0812, PDSC Annex,   corner of Routt & Broadway.  Reverend Doctor Elizabeth Morgan (Betsy Morgan)




 July 5, 2020
Sunday Service
11:00 AM
“How About the Benefits of Loss and Pain?”
Betsy Morgan


Special Music
Cat Bee
“What’s Up?”, 4 Non Blonds
“How About Equating Death with Shopping”, Alanis Morissettee

Betsy’s Weekly Sharing
            Since this is a National Celebration weekend and our nation is in an election year, a remembering of our forefathers’ determination to affirm human rights, “with liberty and justice for all” is important for each of us to dwell upon, particularly in these tumultuous times.   “Taxation without representation” was the battle cry in 1776.  The Continental Congress adopted the final version of the “Declaration of Independence” on July 4, 1776.  After the public readings of the document on July 8th, “independence” was celebrated with bonfires, bells, and fireworks.
            As a rule, we would be celebrating with family and friend get-togethers for food and drink and fireworks.  However, in the time of Covid 19, these gatherings are proving unwise.  So how to honor our collective heritage and wisely follow social distancing.  In our contemporary society, it is, as a rule more difficult to find real alone-time; we are not so use to” inner dwelling”.
            You know by now my approach when faced with new, troubling circumstances.  It’s not “Oh, woe is me; why is this happening to me?”  It’s “What’s in this for me?”  Seeking the issues behind a difficult situation invites Divine Mind, Loving Awareness to unfold in one’s conscious awareness.  Opening a creative channel of inner attentiveness provides cognizance.  “Here’s the deal!”  Getting an inkling of the ‘why’ opens inner channels that demonstrate the ‘how’ to alter our thinking and demonstrate more effective and valuable change.
            Those constructive, creative little firecrackers going off in our minds are “Ah Ha” moments, expanding our awareness, suggesting courses of action, delivering freedom from fear and want.  An inner celebration of “Who and What we are” prepares us to meet the challenges of outer reality and to demonstrate in our personal lives our small “d” democratic values, so hard-won by our forbearers.

Building Community

Open. Inclusive. Diverse.

Our Mission

Elevating spiritual consciousness through education, prayer, meditation and compassionate service – in our center, our community and beyond; empowered by love and ever conscious of our Oneness in God.

What Is


The teaching of Divine Science is just as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when the founders had their realization of the Omnipresence of God and healing. It is a practical teaching that can be practiced and applied to everyday living to improve our relationship with God within our self, with others, and in the world around us.


Is Divine Science Christian?

Yes, but not in the way you might be used to. We believe Jesus was an extraordinary example of what we can all achieve, as he himself taught. But we do not believe he was sacrificed for our sins, or that he was “God’s only son”. We are all God’s children.

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Education is the first goal of our mission. We believe that the first step to living a spiritually fulfilled life is understanding spiritual principles, and how they help us get from where we are to where we want to be. Through our liberating classes and workshops, you can follow a proven path to spiritual freedom and happiness.

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Constructed in 1883, this beautiful stone and brick church has endured for more than 130 years.

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