11 AM services on Sunday
with Reverend Shaun Furlong (first three Sundays of the month)
and Reverend Evelyn Ota (typically the last Sunday of the month)

115 East Routt
Pueblo, CO 81004

(719) 543-0812

Statement of Being

God is all, both invisible and visible.
One Presence, One Mind, One Power is all.
This One that is all is Perfect Life,
Perfect Love, and Perfect Substance.
I am the individualized expression of God
and ever one with this Perfect Life,
Perfect Love and Perfect Substance.

Divine Science is based on the changeless truth that God constitutes the nature of all being and that God fills the invisible and visible realms of existence. This truth has never changed. All truth is as available to man now as it was to Moses, Elijah and Jesus. Nothing man does or fails to do will ever separate him from the Source out of which he was created. Paul reminds us, “in Him we live, and move and have our being.”

One of the founders of Divine Science writes that “true prayer is not begging for more wisdom, more supply, or more good. Infinite, all-embracing Being cannot give us more than Itself. In sharing Itself with us It has given us all that we can possibly need. Our part is to accept.”

Divine Science teaches that the fullness of Spirit is forever pouring Itself through the mind of man, limited only by the way man thinks and feels about life in general and about certain conditions and situations in particular. Therefore, all change begins as an activity in mind and through the law of cause and effect mind manifests as a personal experience.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Do you have live sermons? If so contact me at rev.m.l.chapman @gmail.com Thank you!

  2. Hello!

    At this time, we don’t have either live sermons streamed or recorded sermons on our website. We are working on being able to post recorded sermons. We do have live sermons at the church, 11AM MT on Sundays.

    Would you like me to let you know when we are able to get either recorded or live sermons posted/streamed?
    Lavon (website administrator)

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