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Betsy Morgan

“Seeing Value in all the Wrong Places”

 Bright spots, appearing from time to time in recent TV newscasts, are footage of wild animals reclaiming their natural territory:
  • Baby sea turtles by the hundreds mosey across Brazil’s empty beaches toward the waterline unmolested.
  • Wild boar have descended onto the streets of Barcelona, Spain.
  • A town in Wales has been taken over by the Native Mountain Goats.
  • Japanese sika deer are prancing through the streets of Nara, Japan.
  • Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport has Egyptian geese strolling along the empty tarmac.
  • There are wild ducks enjoying the fountains of Rome.
  • Fish and dolphins are seen swimming in the clean water of Sardinia.
  • A Los Angles television film crew spotted a massive black bear nosing around the city streets.
  • Coyotes now stalk San Francisco’s streets, and last –
  • A family of lions have taken to having their mid-day naps in the middle of the road in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.
            Those of us in Colorado see fairly regularly local wildlife venturing into populated areas, even on the streets of Pueblo from time to time, however, we can appreciate with delight the visions of the above list of unusual sightings.  So, I am suggesting these are examples of “seeing worth in unexpected situations”.
            Other examples may not be so surprising, but still of value.  When recently I was talking to a friend about our current constrained situation, she told me that she had taken this opportunity of restricted circulation to clean out her closets, storage spaces, and the garage.  She had a big smile, as she spoke of the car loads of items that went to the Arc.
            My daughter-in-law, whose work in the insurance business allows her to work from home in these restricted times, delightedly showed me how she has gotten years of family photos sorted, labeled, organized into related categories and properly housed in albums.  It is very impressive.  Her children and grandchildren will be forever grateful.
            I’ve noticed in my neighborhood lots of garden and yard projects have been adding interest and pleasure to an evening stroll.  These gardeners and creators certainly have found delight evolving from their being more restricted to their home bases with time to originate added  beauty.  Their efforts are blessing our neighborhoods and our city.  And, just think of the exercise that serious gardening entails – a benefit of hard labor.
            These examples are the introduction to my point this morning:
when something happens to us that we assess for whatever reason as Bad, the applying of the New Thought formula is called for:
(I’m sharing now with you, my formula.  I ask –)
Why has this come to my awareness?
What’s in this for me to discover, to know, to apply?
What in my thinking, my expectation, has attracted this experience to me?
And what actualities do I need to focus on for a realization of Truth to demonstrate in my daily experience?
            In the confusion of distress, it is helpful to have a personal “go to” litany or process, an affirmation or the writings of a spiritual leader what hold powerful ideas of realization for you.  This practice can effectively distract us from fear and panic and allow us to focus on Statements of Truth.
            Because we are individuals with differing likes and methods of operating, we are going to entertain three options this morning that can effectively distract us and guide us to demonstrate wholeness in whatever area that seems afflicted: Our first exercise will use the Psalm 23, from the Hebrew Scriptures.  In it, we find poetic assurance, penned by a lyricist, for herders and gathers, and using the images and language of that time:
 Yahweh is my shepherd,
I lack nothing.
 In the meadows of green grass, he lets me lie.
To the waters of repose, he leads me;
 there he revives my soul.
Translated into contemporary New Thought terminology, we would affirm:

“In Divine Mind, there is no lack; there is comfort and peace, I am restored by my realization of Truth expressing in and through and as me.”

He guides me by the paths of virtue
for the sake of his name.
Though I pass through a gloomy valley,
I fear no harm;
Beside me your rod and your staff
are there, to hearten me.
Today’s version New Thought version:
The ways of the Infinite unfold in my conscious awareness.  I know Truth in the appearance of troubling times.  Evidence of wholeness and paths of wisdom unfold in my mind and I step out in confidence “That God is, I AM, and All is well.
Back to Psalms: You prepare a table before me
under the eye of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil,
my cup brims over.
Contemporary version:
Even though others may not understand my recognition of Truth or its demonstration in my life’s experiences, I know, I understand, I daily demonstrate Truth in action. 
The last verse from Psalms: Ah, how goodness and kindness pursue me,
every day of my life;
my home, the house of Yahweh,
as long as I live!
This last stanza is an affirmation of TRUTH as it stands:  I am the embodiment of Truth; to me and from me flows “goodness and kindness”.  I AM, God is and all is well.
. . . . . . . . .
          A second familiar biblical selection, that is valuable in directing and refocusing our thoughts is “The Beatitudes”, which is the beginning of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount” and found in Christian Scriptures, Matthew 5.
            Emmet Fox says, in his text The Sermon on the Mount, “Jesus concerned himself exclusively with the teaching of general principles, and these general principles always had to do with mental states, for he knew if one’s mental states are right, everything else must be right, too.” 
            Following the explication of the lyrical phrases in the 23 Psalm, which we just discussed, one can develop one’s own affirmative prayer based on Fox’s application of concepts addressed in the “Beatitudes”.
Here are the verses from the book of Mathew:
“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt becomes tasteless, what can make it salty again?  It is good for nothing, and can only be thrown out to be trampled underfoot.
“You are the light of the world.  A city built on a hill cannot be hidden.  No one lights a lamp to put it under tub; they put it on a lamp stand where it shines for everyone in the house.  In the same way, your light must shine in the sight of all, so that, seeing your good works, they may give praise to the heavenly Father.
In addressing this concept from the Beatitudes “Ye are the salt of the earth” Fox says,      
(read from insert)
There are, of course, more contemporary affirmations and spiritual treatments.  In the Fundamentals of Divine Science course, scheduled for this fall, we learn about these truths and how to consciously develop and apply them.
            “Seeing Value in all the Wrong Places” is a call to ferret out the value of experiences that appear to be Big Bad News, but actually stimulate us—to evolve in our thinking and expressing and demonstrating TRUTH. 
            Here’s our assignment for this coming week.  I would suggest we affirm along these lines: 
I know that this unusual time of fear and loss holds values for me and I am open to discover them.
I accept the current restrictions as an opportunity to discover more and more about who I am and my purpose in this time.
I am willing to learn and to grow in an awareness of Truth and accept situations that invite me to grow in love and understanding.
I discover my misunderstandings and false beliefs and give thanks for guidance in releasing them.
I am filled with Truth and recognize the ways that I am to express it.
I release my unbelief, my fears, and my so-called past-mistakes.  I open to the love and truth of my role as a Divine Child of a Heavenly Father with all the inheritance that, that proclaims.
Let us, today and every day, give heartfelt thanks for our positions in the Divine Plan and praise God for our opportunities to Express.
Thank you.

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